A Cosmic Question: Lick the spoon, Let the dog lick the spoon or wash it?

You woke up this morning and got busy straight away making your breakfast while the dog jumped at your feet wanting his.  You put the coffee on, toasted an English Muffin and after buttering it, spread some Maman Cherry preserves from the jar. And there you are with the first decision of the day: Do you lick the spoon, let the dog lick the spoon or put it in the dishwasher?  This is not a meaningless question.  And the answer to it could provide you with your first joyful bit of the day, or just help you keep the kitchen clean. I would argue that the first best choice is to take that spoon…put it right into your mouth and savor the sweetness of the cherry preserves.  Why would you want to just plop it in the dishwasher to wash it all alway when you could seize a bit of sweetness from a world where sweetness is definitely in short supply lately?  I think the second choice (let the dog lick it off) is equally valuable.  If you don’t want to lick the spoon…I guarantee “Fido” (or in my case “Stripe” seen eyeing the spoon) will never miss the opportunity to have a lick at just about anything.  And that can be a wonderful lesson: our pets never miss the chance to experience almost anything at least once (mine has stopped at ingesting lettuce). We should be as anxious to try something new, and to take a chance. Our ancient pets continue to be curious about just about everything right up into advanced old age. How many of us could claim the same enthusiasm for life? The last choice (just wash it) seems to be to be the least beneficial. Sure it will help you keep your kitchen spiffy…but where is the joy in tasting the sweetness or giving the sweet dog you love that unexpected pleasure?Of course none of this will change the world or make it a better place…but it could change your world and send you off a little sweeter and happier than you were before “Stripe” made your decision for you and stole the jelly spoon right out of your hand.

Have a day full of sweetness and joy and let me know what you think!

Robin (and “Plaid & “Stripe”)



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